Roof System Replacements

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Roof System Replacements


General Roofing Company has installed complete roof systems for homeowners and businesses for over 90 years through out the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Only the highest quality roofing products are applied. General Roofing Company’s technicians continually engage in training and certification programs for several different roofing methods.

Sooner or later your residence or building will need a new roof.

Time, combined with weather, breaks down the existing roof surface. General Roofing Company offers a variety of guaranteed long-term solutions including:

Fiberglass Composition Shingles

Architectural, also known as laminated or dimensional shingles are among the highest quality roofing products made. Traditionally they are composed of a heavy fiberglass mat base and ceramic coated mineral granules tightly embedded in carefully refined, water-resistant asphalt.

Luxury/Designer Shingles

Laminated roof shingles designed to provide an enhanced aesthetic improving a building’s curb appeal. The shingle shape and size are modified in a way that simulates the appearance of other, more expensive types, including slate, shake & tile.

Composition Shingle

Options include products designed to reflect the sun’s rays helping to make your building more comfortable and energy efficient.

Synthetic Slate or Shakes

Synthetic Composite Slate or Shakes are modeled from actual slate or hand-split shakes and made from virgin resins fortified with state -of-the art UV stabilizers for a natural, non-repeating beauty.

Concrete or Clay Tiles

Tile Roof Systems allow you to achieve either an authentic, old world feel or an up-to-date modern look using current technology. The different styles are designed to replicate the customer’s preferred characteristics such as slate, clay and wood.

Cedar Shingles and Shakes

A shake is a basic wooden shingle made from split logs. Higher-grade shakes are typically used for roofing purposes. Properly installed shakes provide long-lasting weather protection. A wood roof system tends to require more maintenance than most other roof surface.

Modified Bitumen Built-up Roof Systems

Modified Bitumen is asphalt that has had modifiers added to it to give it plastic or rubber-like properties. The most common types of modifiers being used are APP (Atactic Polypropylene) and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene). This system is usually mopped, heat applied or self-adhered). 

Tar & Gravel Roof Systems

Tar & Gravel Roof Systems are installed by laying out layers of asphalt saturated fiberglass roof paper and mopping each layer with hot asphalt. The surface is given a flood coat of hot asphalt and pea sized gravel is evenly distributed over the top of the paper. Some of the gravel is permanently embedded into the asphalt and some gravel remains loose affording some protection against puncture when walked on. This system is known as Conventional Built-up Roofing, BUR or simply Tar and Gravel roofing.

Single-Ply Roof Systems

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) roof systems are ENERGY STAR qualified and CRRC (Cool Roof Rated Council) certified.  They offer the potential for decreased cooling costs and excellent resistance to rooftop chemical attacks including acids, oils and greases.

Single-Ply Roof Systems

TPO (Thermoplastic polylefin) membranes are ENERGY STAR qualified and CRRC (Cool Roof Rated Council) certified.  TPO roof systems have been directly attributed to reducing a building’s energy consumption by greatly diminishing the cost of air conditioning.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

One of the oldest and most practical roofing solutions, Standing Seam Metal Roofing enhances the roofline of virtually any architectural style.

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